Top 10 Best BuddyPress Plugins

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As I used to have a BuddyPress site (well, I still do, although it did not “get funded” by the VCs and so is now in limbo, or purgatory, perhaps), I can share with you some tips on the best BuddyPress plugins that I found:

  1. BuddyBoss’s Global Search plugin (lets users search profiles, activities, groups, etc., with basic text strings and substrings)
  2. BuddyPress First Letter Avatar (kinda cool, tweaks the default profile icon)
  3. BuddyPress Follow (make your site like Twitter as well as Facebook, although a lot of people become confused as to whether to Follow or Friend someone)
  4. Invite Anyone (although it works best if you buy the CloudSponge addon which is somewhat expensive)
  5. BuddyPress Registration Groups (if you have groups, this is convenient, let’s users join groups at sign up)
  6. BP Disable Activation Reloaded (don’t be fooled, this plugin is, like, 4 years old, but the syntax is uses is still the correct way to accomplish its goals. It will eliminate the obnoxious BuddyPress default behavior requiring users to verify their email address–and trust me, half your emails are going to spam folders!)
  7. Super Socializer (by Team Heateor–the OAuth social login is convenient and it works)
  8. Invisible reCaptcha (the best way to stop splog spambots from registering)
  9. BuddyBoss’s Boss theme (yes, I know, it’s a theme not a plugin, but it is good enough to deserve mention in any BuddyPress-related list)
  10. And, finally… BuddyPress! It is, after all, the best BuddyPress plugin. (There actually are a few BuddyPress-competitor social network in a box WordPress plugins, but BuddyPress gives you the most features for free, compared to others which perhaps have more features but make you pay and pay.)

These are NOT affiliate links, I make no money off of this advice… in fact, I have not provided links, so feel free to Google these or look them up in the WordPress Official Plugin Directory.

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